Who We Are

 Chughs Navyug Military is a family owned Indian Company, Since 1973 Serving the Nation till date “Kirpal Singh Chugh” Senior Citizen in the year 1972 had a vision to serve the nation & led the birth of Chugh Navyug Military & his passion for serving the nation & do something for the country & it’s a pride in serving our troops.

Chughs Navyug Military is your reliable Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Contractors for complete range of products required by Armed Forces

“Proud to Serve Indian | Global Professionals”

Company’s motto is (We Serve the People Who Serve the Nation)

Chughs Navyug Military & General Stores with its leading brand “Chughs Navyug Military” is a pioneer in manufacturing & supplying complete range of products required by the Armed Forces for the daily needs in various fields like Uniforms, Clothing, Accessories, Trainings, Musketry, Ceremonial, Office, Flags & Banners, Quarter Guard, Camping & Survival, Bedding, Footwear, Souvenirs Gift, Collectibles, Novelty, Logistic Items, Quarter Master Items, Expandable Items, Ordnance, Stationary Items, Hygienic & Sanitation Items etc.,


  • Since 1973 recognised by Government of India
  • GST Certificate
  • VAT Certificate
  • MSME (Manufacturing Certificate)
  • ISO Certificate
  • Trade Mark Logo Certificate (Our brand)
  • Import & Export Certificate
  • Quality Certificate
  • Shops & Establishment Certificate
  • Banker Certificate
  • Audit Certificate
  • World Record Limca Books of Record Certificate
  • Various Business Association Certificate

ChughS Navyug Military endeavour is to supply the simplest products at affordable prices to our customer in India and Globe. You will be assured of the best quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery & superior customer service from Team of Chughs Navyug Military.

Chughs Navyug Military family & team thank you for over 47 years of support & yur service to the nation & looks forward to working with professionals like you to continue in era of new technologies with new ideas & implementing in guarding our nation.

We Thank You | We Salute You